I was born and grew up in New York. No, I didn't take up
photography in school, however, I did, after many years complete my
degree in a State University.

     It was many years into adulthood when I became interested in
photography. Not as a professional, but as an enthusiastic amateur.
And then finally a hobbyist, and hopefully somewhat proficient.

I learned on my own, through the time honored course of trial and
error. My interests range from landscape photography to action, and
further into that which is no more, the abandoned sights of the city.

I don't have the weeks upon weeks of time, waiting for the "magical"
hour, or that perfect light. Circumstances forced me to....as that
basketball coach I heard yell, "just take the shot." But it's a shot that
my mind's eye sees as worth taking.

     Photography; stop that moment in time, take that vision from "the
moment" to a lifetime of treasured memories. It all boils down to......
"you get what you get, and don't get upset."
                                                                Matthew Handelman